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This space is perfect for a workshop session because the room is divided in two. One side for a plenary session and on the other side a workshop. Studiomind has designed the interior of this space.

    15 seated or standing
     Wi-Fi, Flipover, TV screen, Whiteboard, Furniture shown on pictures
      €50,- per hour
     09:00-17:00 | Monday – Friday | Other timings are possible on request

Check availability or directly reserve your space?


Our regular opening hours are from 09:00-17:00, Monday till Friday. Our spaces are also available in the weekends, before 09:00 and after 17:00. Outside of office hours we charge a personal fee of 55,- euro an hour. Do you have a special request that you can’t book online?


At Startup Village we have a start-up with create catering possibilities. They have different packages butt their always open for suggestions or special requests.
Of course we encourage our start-up’s so if its possible please consider: The Cofee Virus if you’re thinking of catering your event.



Startup Village can provide furniture. We will place it exactly as you want for your event.

White Chair: 2,50 EUR each, per day.
Standing table + white cover: 15,- EUR each, per day.
Wooden table (240 x 70 cm): 15,- EUR each, per day.


Startup Village is an inspiring village with inspiring people. Want to give your event something extra? A talk about a specific topic, something inspiring or innovative? We probably have somebody that can provide that for you. Interested? Please ask us for more information about the possibilities.


Startup Village is brand new (October 2016) but things daily change on and around our village. Want a tour on SuV? We tell you about the architecture, the history and the future plans. Interested? Please ask us for more information about the possibilities.