The course ‘Placemaking: Estafette for Citymakers’ is an ongoing project regarding urban development in Amsterdam. Interdisciplinary bachelor students work for external partners (local foundations and initiatives, municipality, etc.), in order to improve the Amsterdam Science Park area on a local scale. During the course, students learn to apply their knowledge, work interdisciplinary and improve their personal and professional skills. The course is designed as a collaboration between the University of Amsterdam, Studio Placemakers, municipality and companies. Thus, several stakeholders play a role in setting up and designing the new trajectory of the project.

During the Placemaking course we use Science Park as a laboratory where students experience and analyze the interplay between theory and practice, between bottom-up and top-down. In order to do this, we use the Placemaking method; a form of action-research where we take local qualities and knowledge as a starting point for sustainable urban development. Their research and ‘mapping’ analysis leads to organizing a physical intervention, a next step in obtaining valuable contributions and insights for their external partner. With both their disciplinary and newly gained knowledge, the students are being prepared to work as ‘placemakers’.

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At Startup Village, the students work on active community engagement and contribute to Startup Village’s mission to create an active community for everyone with an interest in entrepreneurship. How can encounters be stimulated through events and activities and consequently to a lively, enterprising area. For example through organizing lunches.


Various facilities and initiatives based at Science Park have a lot in common; knowledge sharing and innovation can be seen as their common denominator. Cross-fertilization may be optimized even more by means of co-creation: students work on co-creation in public space and the potential of a new co-creation building.


The mission of this urban garden is to make space for nature at Science Park and to increase biodiversity in the area. The foundation wants to create opportunities for people to enjoy nature and show the importance of urban nature. How can the foundation best develop its nature and at the same time involve people by stressing the importance of nature?



The process of Placemaking